New Opportunities with Green Energy

New Opportunities with Green Energy

As it stands right now we get 60% of our energy from fossil fuels, 13.5%  from nuclear power and the remaining energy demands are met by renewable energy sources.  While the exact figures aren’t available let’s assume that the jobs within each industry follow the same percentage points.  That means that there are more than 2.5 million people globally who are working directly in renewable energy or within associated industries.  That figure goes up each and every year.  There are more and more new opportunities with green energy than most people are aware of.

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy

We are aware of the threat of climate change and that has been driving the need for more sources of sustainable energy.  Regular people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint at home and not just waiting for government intervention.  Countries like Germany have opted to close their nuclear power programs after the meltdown that occurred in Japan.  Most countries who are even considering setting up nuclear power stations are facing incredible opposition due to safety.  At the same time we have seen huge price fluctuations in the oil and gas industry.  This instability drives the market to look for different solutions.

Using Sustainable Energy More Efficiently

We need to start using renewable energy more efficiently and effectively if we want to deal with our energy demands and climate change.  This will also help remove our reliance on fossil fuels.  There are those that argue that renewable energy is killing jobs in the conventional energy sectors, the coal industry in particular.   However this simply isn’t the case.  According to a study done by the University of Florida it confirmed that the renewable energy sector produced more jobs than the coal industry had lost.  With unemployment figures rising around the globe, renewable energy is one of the leading sectors of job creation.  Here is how renewables are creating jobs.

Out of all the sources of renewable energy it has been solar that has lead when it comes to job creation.  There is growth in other areas like wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, carbon capture and energy storage that will all see significant growth in the future.  Yes, we may indeed see a drop in jobs in the traditional energy sectors but investment and job creation will increase in renewable energy.  Having multiple options beyond solar will increase competition and generate new business.  That is good for all of us.