Green Energy as the Way Forward

Green Energy as the Way Forward

You’ve probably heard terms like green energy, green building and green architecture being thrown around but what exactly does “green” mean.  It’s not just about the color, so what does it mean and why is green energy as the way forward?

Green Energy

Energy itself has no specific color, so why do we keep referring to it as green?  There is no agreed upon reason as to why we use the word green but green is typically associated with nature and anything that is not harmful to nature gets the “green” label.  But for the most part we all agree that green energy is referring to any type of energy that is sustainable and renewable.  Think of wind, hydro, sun and even nuclear power fall under the “green energy” category.

Fossil Fuels

Currently our energy demands are largely met by fossil fuels, with oil, natural gas and coal fulfilling the world’s needs and the demand for energy is growing everyday.  These sources of energy are finite and being depleted more everyday and there will come a time where they will become exhausted if we don’t do something now.  They also harm the environment that we live in.  The fossil fuel industry is unsustainable and finding alternative sources has become a focal point of research in companies and universities all over the world.

Moving to Sustainable Energy

More and more industrialized nations are looking at getting their energy demands met from wind, solar and water.  While many have nuclear capabilities and it is technically a renewable source of energy it is not without risk.  The nuclear power plants in Japan after being hit with a tsunami have shown us how dangerous nuclear energy can be.  We need to find a balance between meeting our energy demands from other green sources while maintaining safety standards.

For nearly a hundred years the oil industry has powered our vehicles but that too is changing.  There is more investment in electric cars or hybrid vehicles as we move toward alternative fuels.  The environmental movement has contributed to how we look at the transportation industry.

Benefits of Going Green

Green energy has lots of benefits but the biggest issue that has sparked the interest in renewable energy is our environment.  Once technology reaches the point where we can produce this type of energy cheaply and effectively then we will reduce environmental degradation and leave a better world for our children.  We have reached the point where this is no longer a luxury we can develop in the future.  Climate change is real and action must be taken now.